Mission Statement

Veterans Family Connection realized that many Veterans and/or their families have restrictions on transportation, work and child care, that they can't make in house support groups or time to find resources for help. Our goal is to be able to provide these services virtually.

On our resource page, we've made it easy to use keywords and being able to see what services are available in the Wisconsin area. By using the pull down menu, and using keywords, it's easy to find services in your area that are available to you and/or a family member.

We are working on providing 3 different support groups to provide peer support for the different groups of veterans and their spouses virtually through zoom. This saves transportation costs and if you have children, not having to find a baby sitter so you can attend. We are also providing individual support for those persons who don't wish to discuss their issues in a group setting.

Monthly, we offer podcasts on different organizations and the services they provide. These podcast come from an organization that feels our work is important. Just another way to provide help and support.

Welcome to our virtual Veterans Family Connection!


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