Spiritual Direction & Companionship Ep 2

Tom Buhler continues to talk about how meeting with a spiritual director or spiritual companion can be a meaningful step to help you find wholeness and balance in life.


Taking it Lightly

Patricia Clason talks about how Taking it Lightly is the inspiration for Healing Warrior Hearts and how it can benefit families of veterans as well as civilians looking to move forward in their life.


Haven Hounds and Vet Empowered Now

Linda Bobot talks about Hounds And Vets Empowered Now. Her organization helps veterans to train their service dogs. She explains the process for being accepted, and also talks about an event at the War Memorial coming up.


VA Death Benefits Ep 1

Jamie Price, Detail Clerk for the Milwaukee VA talks about VA death benefits for Veteran's Family.


VA Death Benefits Ep2

Jamie Price, Detail Clerk for the Milwaukee VA goes into depth in this episode as to what the VA can and cannot do.

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